statement bio

Configuration, The rhythm of spirit in my art.

I work in painting, printmaking and assemblage. I paint, sand, repaint and totally abuse my canvas or paper. I may start out with a image in mind but it usually evolves into something else. Many times I include a written word fragmented or whole. Many elements in my work are often a language I can not read. I feel these images are forms from my life experiences or my own personal folklore. I come across memories and fragments in my art that appear repeatedly. I believe conscious or unconscious story telling is what an artist does. This has moved me to work spontaneously with a renewed freedom. Many viewers see and feel a sense of rhythm and dance in my work, a sense of joy.

Over the past decade I have worked in assemblage, mixed media construction. Chance and intuition and the process of seeing, are essential in the discovery of found objects. Inspiration, the ability to look beyond the object, and a great since of humor are essential elements.

Much of my art encourages many interpretations, thats the beauty and mystery of artistic expression and sharing my art with the world.